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Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a wealth of experience or just taking your first steps into the world of investment, we have tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Welcome to Global Orion

We’re delighted to welcome you to a world of endless possibilities and opportunities for financial growth. Our mission is to create a conducive and enabling system for profitability, while being a key online fund management company delivering a well customized, flexible and effective investment services through a framework of result-focused marketing.

Our Experiences

Unlocking Success Through Years of Expertise.

As seasoned professionals in the realms of finance, investment, and market analysis, we have honed our skills through a myriad of market cycles and economic landscapes.

From navigating the dynamic fluctuations of the stock market to capitalizing on emerging trends in real estate and cryptocurrency, our collective expertise forms the bedrock of our success.


    We are an international company having clients from different countries around the world.


    Our platform supports all types of cryptocurrency with an easy investment system.


    We are very reliable as a huge number of people trust us. We conduct safe and secure services.


    It is a long-established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


    We are very reliable as a huge number of people trust us. We conduct safe and secure services.


    We are a certified company doing legal business in the legal field. We operate international business.


    We constantly work on improving our system and level of our security to minimize any potential risks.


    Our professional traders will utilize your money making sure to get a good profit for you.

Our Area Of Interest


We have selected the top 20 cryptocurrencies into our crypto assets and these selection have the highest performance.


Our Forex instrument contains 50+ FX currency pairs that are best performance and with favorable volatility.

Real Estate

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual's cash flow and wealth

Stocks & Commodities

We have selected over 3,000 stocks from Blue chips or new IPOs, great US markets and local European exchanges.

Oil & Gas

We have provided the oil trading community with a trusted service which although being more sophisticated and larger in scale.


Precious metals are included in our assets as spot trade commodities, via multiple instruments, with over 10 forex crosses.


Gold has several qualities that have made it exceptionally valuable throughout history .The history of gold is unequaled by that of any other asset because of its perceived value from earliest times.

Why Choose Us

24/7 Support

Dedicated support system.

Our customer service unit is always available 24/7 to attend to your needs/querries.


Transparency is our watch word

Our system is designed without hidden charges. You will receive your promised ROI at the end of your investment.


No delay in process.

Create an account with our platform, make a deposit and start investing immediately.

Our Investment Offers

Basic PLAN

  • MINIMUM: $100
  • MAXIMUM: $4,999
  • CYCLE PROFIT: 1.5% Daily
Premium PLAN

  • MINIMUM: $5,000
  • MAXIMUM: $9,999
  • CYCLE PROFIT: 2.2% Daily
Corporate PLAN

  • MINIMUM: $10,000
  • CYCLE PROFIT: 6.3% Weekly

Investment Calculator

Plan Profit Calculation.


Build Your Team

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Our Partnership Program?

Using your referral code in your investor dashboard, refer potential investors to our service and earn. You gain a commission of 8%, 10%, 14%, 18% per every invested referral registered with your link.

  • Instant Commissions.
  • Accessible Always.
  • Future Incentives.

Our Three Easy Steps

Only 3 simple steps will allow you to invest and start earning with our guaranteed daily profit system.


Registration takes about 2 min and is free. Your account will be active immediately


The process is very simple. You can make a deposit using any available payment methods.


You will receive profit accruals every 24 hours after you made your deposit. 7 days in a week.

Faq Questions

Explore Your Questions.

We're a distinctive wealth and investment management firm actively building values for our clients. We actively manage your portfolios to ensure it remains appropriate for the ever-changing conditions in the global economy and financial markets. We have a well-defined investments process, which is fundamental to the service we provide. This process creates a strong yet flexible framework for our investment professionals to work together, sharing ideas and challenging each other’s views. It is constantly evolving and we continue to invest in the resources required to ensure it remains robust. We are into real Estate arbitrage, Gold mining, Car accessories and Agriculture, In delight to meet your essential investment needs. So ensure to start up a life changing investment with us, we promise to keep our words never to let you down.

Investment portfolio management is carried out by a team of experienced employees of Global Orion Thoroughly weighing each of its actions, the company guarantees the safety of all investors' funds and payments in full in a timely manner.

To join the ranks of affluencecapital.net users you need to undergo a simple registration procedure. Click "Let's get started" to get more information on how to join us.

Login to your account
Go to "Create a deposit"
Select the payment system (Bitcoin, Usdt trc20, Tron and Ethereum is available)
Choose an investment plan
Indicate the desired amount of investment
Click on "Pay".

At the moment, we use Bitcoin, Usdt trc20, Tron and Ethereum. The company also plans to expand the list of payment methods. We'll notify all investors before adding new payment methods.

The company guarantees complete confidentiality of each user's data. Your personal information is 100% protected from attacks by third parties.

You must type the login and password created during registration. In case you still can’t enter click on "Forgot password?".

You can change your personal information and password, make investments, withdraw funds, view the history of deposits and operations with balance and get a unique referral link to participate in the referral program and track referral charges.

Choose "Account settings" in the menu in your account. Enter the new data and then click "Change account settings" to save the changes.

Click on "Forgot password?" and then follow the instructions to restore access to your account.

As a rule, the transfer of funds to the user's electronic currency account is carried out within 10 working hours.

Log into your account: the balance is on the main page of your account.

Calculation of your profit is carried out depending on the chosen plan, the amount of the deposit as well as its validity term. To find out the exact amount of income, use the convenient calculator on our website.

- If funds have not been credited to your balance, follow these steps:
- Make sure that you sent a withdrawal request (view the history of transactions in your account).
- Check if 10 working hours have passed since the submission of your withdrawal request.
- If the funds were not credited within 10 working hours contact Affluencecapital support. Our experts will solve the problems in an extremely short time.

Yes. On the platform there is a possibility to invest funds from the balance in your personal account, which allows you to avoid the costs of a payment system commission. Do the following:

- Login to your account
- Go to "Create a deposit"
- Select the payment system (Bitcoin, Usdt trc20, Tron and Ethereum is available)
- Choose an investment plan
- Indicate the desired amount of investment
- Click on "Pay"

No, Global Orion doesn’t charge any interest for replenishing the balance. However, making a payment, it is necessary to take into account the commission of the payment system itself.

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